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We expect you every day from early in the morning until late in the evening for lunch or dinner!
Brunch suggestions, varieties of coffee, homemade sweets, variety of cocktails and the best labels on wines and spirits.

Brunch Menu Natu


  • Barone

    with smoked Scottish salmon, cucumber, radish, caper and fresh cream cheese with turmeric

  • Pinsa panini

    with prosciutto 24 months old San Marzano tomato, buffalo mozzarella, 24-month-old parmesan, mushrooms and fresh basil

  • Handmade Focaccia

    with organic smoked turkey, Katiki Domokou with florin pepper, tomato, arugula and marinated zucchini with lemon

  • Greek Toast

    with gruyere of Crete, Kefalotyri and pecorino from Amfilochia with turkey


  • Acai bowl with blueberries

    Acai, strained yogurt, handmade granola and summer fruits

  • Omelette

    with organic eggs and prosciutto cotto, roasted asparagus, mushrooms, spinach, tomato, fontina cheese and scallion

  • Avocado eggs

    Avocado Toast with whites from organic eggs Wholemeal bread with natural yeast, avocado, coriander, scallion and lemon

  • English muffin

    with scrambled eggs from organic eggs, caramelized onion, chive and smoked bacon

  • Organic fried eggs in cast iron

    Organic eggs, caramelized peppers and onions, cherry tomatoes, cumin, cardamom, parsley and strained yogurt



  • Greek double coffee

  • Espresso

  • Hot or Cold chocolate

  • Tea

  • Filter Coffee

  • Instant coffee Cold or Hot

  • Greek coffee

  • Freddo Cappuccino

  • Freddo Espresso

  • Cappuccino Double

  • Cappuccino

  • Double Espresso


  • Mastiqua

  • Fanta blue 250 ml

  • Fanta lemon 250 ml

  • Fanta Orange 250 ml

  • Coca Cola Zero 250ml

  • Coca Cola Light 250ml

  • Fever tree Ginger beer 200ml

  • Pink Grapefruit soda 200ml

  • Souroti

  • Sour water 330ml

  • Coca Cola 250ml

  • Sprite 250ml

  • Water 1lt


  • Pomegranate

  • Fresh orange, banana, apple, pear juice

  • Fresh orange juice



    Banana, strawberries, raspberries, orange, honey, mint, almond milk


    Banana, avocado, mango, peanut butter, cinnamon, and almond milk


  • Carpaccio

    Australian Wagyu beef, radish, carrot, shiitake mushroom, crispy onion and glaze tamarind with mirin

  • Ceviche

    Fresh grouper with kumquat, vanilla, lemongrass, beluga lentils, cucumber, Cretan seaweed and lemon pearls

  • Bao Bun

    with roasted duck marinated in satay sauce, carrot, leek, cucumber, ginger and sweet and sour sauce with plum

  • Burrata

    with roasted peaches, crispy prosciutto, fresh basil and roasted pistachios

  • Drumsticks

    organic Chicken Marinated in Chinese Barbeque Sauce and Pineapple Chutney with Coriander

  • Goat Cheese

    fresh puff pastry, roasted sesame seeds and thyme honey

  • Spring Roll

    with shrimp with carrot, chinese cabbage, magnetout and honey sesame soy sauce

  • Antipasti

    with Italian cheeses and cold cuts Pecorino al pepeoncino, Caccio Cavallo stagionato in grotta, Gorgonzola piccante, Pecorino al tartufo, Prosciutto 24 months old with truffle, Salame Finocchiona, Salame Fioco, roasted artichoke, olive oils and Pane Carasau flatbread


  • Colorful Cherry Tomatoes

    with crispy buckwheat, Cretan avocado, pickle red onion, cold cucumber soup with mint and stamnotyri cheese with Chios mastic

  • Tomato Carpaccio

    with goat cheese, string beans, roasted artichoke, fresh olive oil with basil and aged balsamic vinegar from Modena

  • Organic Lettuces

    with roasted almond, radish, yellow beetroot, cranberries, pumpkin, asparagus, amaranth and watermelon and mint sauce

  • Mizuna

    chinese cabbage, bok choy, Thai basil, fresh coriander, red pepper, cashews, fresh mango, teriyaki chicken, corn, corn germ, tofu and sweet and sour dressing with coconut milk


  • Pinsa Margherita

    San Marzano tomato, fior di latte mozzarella, 24-month-old parmesan and fresh basil

  • Pinsa Peperoni

    with San Marzano tomato, fior di latte mozzarella, Lomo, nduja and spicy Pepperoni sausage

  • Pizza Prosciutto

    with San Marzano tomato, mozzarella fior di latte, prosciutto 24 months old from Parma, arugula and aged parmesan 24 months old

  • Pinsa Mushroom

    with San Marzano tomato, fior di latte mozzarella, mushroom variety and fresh summer truffle


  • Risotto

    with vialone nano, roasted eggplant, sun-dried tomato, fresh marjoram, leek, roasted pine nuts and goat ricotta cheese

  • Vegan Ravioli

    with pumpkin filling and sauce with carrot puree, soy milk, sage, edamame and purple cauliflower

  • Rigatoni Mezzi

    with San marzano tomatoes, confi tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh olive oil and buffalo mozzarella

  • Cacio E Pepe

    spaghettini with 24-month-old parmesan and fresh summer truffle

  • Tagliolini

    with scallops, clams, squid, capers, cherry tomatoes, assyrtiko, boukovo and lime

  • Udon Noodles

    with grilled chicken, hoisin sauce, carrot, black mushroom, bamboo shots and peas


  • Fresh Grilled Turbot

    with miso, eggplant puree, candied baby carrots and spinach with soy and black sesame

  • Fresh Fish Fillet

    grilled celery root puree, caramelized asparagus, beetroot pickle, salt and fish sauce with lemon

  • Burger Black Angus

    with crispy mozzarela, mortadella with green olive from Puglia, fresh tomato, caramelized onion and handmade mayonnaise with truffle

  • Iberico Pork

    with handmade teriyaki, sweet potato purée, Chinese vegetables and baby corn

  • Organic Chicken

    purple mashed potatoes, roasted corn with avocado and pineapple

    • Beef fillet Black Angus 30 days maturation 250gr
    • Striploin Wagyu Australia 300gr
    • Prime Rib Black Angus French cut 25 days maturation 700gr
    • Organic ground beef burgers 300gr

    Served with:
    buttery mashed potatoes, double-fried potatoes, glaze summer vegetables, sauce with smoked whiskey 18 years old and cedar, thyme pesto with chili and lemon, and caramelized red cabbage



  • Semifreddo White Chocolate

    flavored with lime and pistachios. Served with red fruit compote

  • Pra_Bana

    hazelnut base with banana compote, cremeux praline and fluffy milk chocolate jivara 40% mousse

  • Tiramisu

    mousse mascarpone flavored with marsala wine and chocolate biscuit with almond

  • Crispy Chocolate Tart

    ganache guanaja 70% flavored with tonka, coulis apricot and chocolate ice cream

  • Almond cake

    with crème patisserie, roasted almonds and caramel sauce


Aromatic Sour

The most renowned cocktail formula made with selected spirits, fragrant liqueurs and redolent herbs.

  • Cilantro Fresca

    Twisted awarded daiquiri with Cuban rum, citrus sherbet, fresh coriander and soft spices. Fresh!

  • La Aviación

    Peruvian Pisco, fresh lime juice, maraschino cherry and violet liqueur.

  • Devil’s Milk

    Scandalous potion of Jamaican coconut rum with chili pepper, lime, falernum mystic liqueur from Barbados– and a choconutmeg finish. Luscious and lustful- there truly is no rest for the wicked.

  • Jalisco Flower

    Lime leaves tequila Ocho blanco 100% de agave, (that’s the best in the world!) fresh lemon juice, mastiha liqueur and celery bitters.

Coolers and Punches

Refreshing long drinks made with selected spirits, freshly made juices and hand-picked herbs and spices.

  • Guadelupe Tiki Punch

    Exotic tiki punch with a blend of Caribbean rums combined fruity drops of papaya, pineapple, orange, apricot and lime. Spices and vanilla never miss a beat.

  • Red Or Dread

    The ultimate red and velvet cocktail is here!
    Sloeberry gin with an almond and orange essence as it comes towards a sweet finish and a suggestion of blackcurrant. Fresh lemon and sweet black cherry are giving the perfect balance.

  • Athenian Spritz

    Οur Athenian spritz is the most refreshing one, with rose and other flowers notes, plus botanicals coming up from Otto’s Athens vermouth. Top up with prosecco sparkling wine and tonic water.

  • Port Cobbler

    The beautiful sweet port wine is balanced with fresh lemon, cointreau orange liqueur and a lush berries of the loom cordial.

  • White Sangria

    White wine aromatized with herbs and French flowers, apricot liqueur and other seasonal fruits.

  • Pearl Fishers

    A long drink, light in alcohol but heavy in flavor. The bitter-sweet flair of Amaro Montenegro, exotic spices and a tonic surprise of cherry blossom net together a sip, crisp as a pearl.


  • Raspberry Cooler

    Juicy raspberries, fresh lemon, thyme and extra bubby pink grapefruit soda.

  • Tiki Sheltzer

    Homemade tropical seltzer with notes of passion fruit, citrus, cherry, spices and “crispy” bubbles.

  • Homemade Lemonade

    Homemade sherbet with lemon, lime, mint
    and carbonated water with mastic aroma

Cocktail siders….

  • Pinsa Mushroom

    with San Marzano tomato, fior di latte mozzarella, mushroom variety and fresh summer truffle

  • Bao Bun

    with roasted duck marinated in satay sauce, carrot, leek, cucumber, ginger and sweet and sour sauce with plum

  • Drumsticks

    organic Chicken Marinated in Chinese Barbeque Sauce and Pineapple Chutney with Coriander

  • Spring Roll

    with shrimp with carrot, chinese cabbage, magnetout and honey sesame soy sauce

  • Antipasti

    with Italian cheeses and cold cuts Pecorino al pepeoncino, Caccio Cavallo stagionato in grotta, Gorgonzola piccante, Pecorino al tartufo, Prosciutto 24 months old with truffle, Salame Finocchiona, Salame Fioco, roasted artichoke, olive oils and Pane Carasau flatbread



  • Angel’s Treasure

  • Private Reserve

  • Metaxa 12 stars

  • Metaxa 7 stars



  • Octomore 07, 15 Years Old

  • Johnnie Walker Blue Label

  • Macallan 12 Years Old Double Cask

  • Chivas Regal 18 Years Old

  • Lagavullin 16 Years Old Islay Whisky

  • Port Charlotte Islay Single Malt Whisky 10 Years Old

  • Bruichladdich Classic Laddie Islay Single Malt Whisky

  • Talisker Storm Isle of Sky Single Malt Whisky

  • Cardou Speyside Single Malt Whisky

  • Famous Naked Grouse

  • Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

  • Dewar’s 12 Years Old


  • Red Breast 12 Years Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

  • Bushmills 10 Years Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey

  • Jameson Irish Blended Whiskey


  • Hibiki Japanese Harmony

  • Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky


  • Rittenhouse Straight Rye Whisky

  • Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whisky

  • Makers Mark Bourbon Whisky

  • Jack Daniels


  • Havana Club Seleccion De Maestros

  • Barcelo Imperial

  • Angostura 1919 

  • El Dorado 12 Years Old

  • Mount Gay XO

  • Appleton Estate 12 Years Old

  • Diplomatico Exclusiva Reserva 12 Years old

  • Mount Gay Black Barrel


  • Remy Martin X.O.

  • Remy Martin VSOP

  • Hennesy VS

  • Pisco Barsol Mosto Verde (Peru)


  • Beluga

  • Stolichnaya Elite

  • Belvedere

  • Stolichnaya Gold Vodka



  • Greenall’s

  • Sipsmith

  • Votanikon

  • Monkey 47

  • Martin Miller’s 

  • Hendrick’s

  • Beefeater 24

  • Mataroa

  • G’Vine

  • Botanist


  • Ocho Reposado

  • Ocho Anejo Single Estate

  • Don julio Reposado

  • Don julio Blanco

  • Rooster Rojo Blanco

  • Mescal Verde

  • Ocho Blanco

  • Mezcal Del maguey Vida

  • Rooster Rojo Reposado

  • Don julio Anejo

  • Jose Cuervo Reserva De La Familia



  • Fix Free lager

  • Septem 8th Day

  • Corona Extra Pale Lager 355ml

  • Mary Rose Red Ale Beer

  • Nisos 330ml

  • Stella Artois barrel



  • Godibile Prosecco Superiore Leggenda 2020, Glera, Mongioia di Riccardo Bianco, Italy

    Refreshing and light, with green apple and pear dominating the palate paired with floral tones, livery carbonation and a touch of sweetness in the finish.

  • Paragka Sparkling 2019, Xinomavro-Chardonnay-Muscat, Kir-Yianni Estate, Amyntaio

    A beautiful combination of peach and apricot blended with floral notes, refreshing carbonation and bright acidity.

  • Leggenda Moscato d’Asti 2020, Muscat, Mongioia di Riccardo Bianco, Asti, Italy

    Floral notes with pear and mango, light body, refreshing effervescence and sweet finish.

  • Akakies Sparkling 2019, Xinomavro, Kir-Yianni Estate, Amyntaio

    A joyful rose sparkling wine, showing fresh red cherry and strawberry profile, lively carbonation, medium body, nice acidity and a discreetly sweet finish.

  • Karanika Brut Cuvée Spéciale 2018, Xinomavro, Domaine Karanika, Amyntaio

    A blanc de noir from Xinomavro, offering white and red fruit notes, brioche, high acidity and fine bubbles giving the wine a nice creamy texture.

  • Louis Roederer Brut Premier N.V, Pinot Noir-Chardonnay-Pinot Meunier, Champagne, France

    Pinot noir is dominating the blend offering power and a more vinous profile in this champagne, alongside a harmonious carbonation, stone fruits, vanilla and toast.

  • Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial N.V., Pinot Noir-Pinot Meunier-Chardonnay, Champagne, France

    A finesse wine blooming with flavors of green apple and citrus fruits and delicate bubbles and breezy aftertaste.

  • Veuve Clicquot Brut N.V., Pinot Noir-Chardonnay-Pinot Meunier, Champagne, France

    One of the most recognizable champagnes, a wine of power but also finesse, with fresh character, filled with citrus fruit, vanilla and brioche.


  • Synopsis 2019, Gewürztraminer-Malagouzia, Semeli Estate, Peloponnese

    A pleasant with high tones of floral and fresh tropical fruit notes and vibrant acidity

  • Mikri Arkouda 2020, Chardonnay-Assyrtiko-Malagouzia, Domaine Zafeirakis, Tyrnavos

    A lively wine with citrus and stone fruits, mineral notes in the palate and balancing acidity.


  • Armonia Ghs 2019, Malagouzia-Chardonnay, Avantis Wines, Sterea Ellada

    A balanced wine offering citrus, yellow fruits with fresh finish.


  • Neraides 2019, Assyrtiko-Malagouzia-Moschofilero, Barafakas Winery, Peloponnese

    This is a fun off dry wine with floral, lemon and orange notes, nice acidity and finish.


  • Aspra Harakia 2020, Vidiano, Strataridakis Winery, Crete

    An elegant wine showing pear, green apple and citrus fruit, light body and refreshing vegetal finish.


  • Mantineia 2020, Moschofilero, Semeli Estate, Mantineia

    A classic expression of the variety with medium body, vibrant acidity, a lot of floral, lemon, grapefruit notes with long finish.


  • Joker 2020, Muscat Blanc, Lalikos Mountainous Vineyards, Kavala

    Well balanced off dry wine from Muscat, filled with aromas of grapes, tropical fruits and floral notes, light body with a joyful finish.


  • Paragka 2020, Roditis-Malagousia, Kir-Yianni Estate, Macedonia

    Light and fresh white wine, with lemon leaves, citrus notes, balancing acidity and a smooth round finish.


  • Aspro Votsalo 2020, Muscat of Spinas-Malvasia Atomatica-Vilana, Dourakis Winery, Crete

    Floral and herbal notes in the nose, with the balance tilting on the sweetness and a long orange and peach flavoured finish.


  • Dio Kosmoi 2019, Assyrtiko, Gotsis Wines, Messinia

    The wine shows an elegant nose with citrus notes, white flowers and minerality, nice texture, elevated acidity and long finish.

  • Apla 2019, Malagousia – Assyrtiko – Roditis, Oenops Wines, Drama

    A flavorsome white wine showing nice texture, a nice combination of tropical fruit and floral notes, with medium body and long finish.

  • Sauvignon Blanc 2020, Estate Alpha, Amyntaio

    This is one of the finest Sauvignon Blanc in Greece, extrovert with a lot of grass notes, green and citrus fruit with high acidity and freshness.

  • Chardonnay Single Block Tramonto 2018, Estate Alpha, Amyntaio

    A rich, full body Chardonnay, nicely balanced with high acidity, filled with citrus, stone and tropical fruit notes.

  • Dialogos 2020, Kydonitsa-Assyrtiko, Dio Ypsi Estate, Elia

    A white wine showing high intensity in both the nose and palate, showing fresh citrus and green fruit, nice texture and acidity with a long herbal finish.

  • Hilia Hronia 2017, Chardonnay, Barafakas Winery, Peloponnese

    An elegant wine where the green apple and pineapple mix with vanilla and nuts, with nice acidity and long finish.


  • Sauvignon Blanc 2020, Avantis Wines, Sterea Ellada

    The wine shows high intensity in the nose with ripe tropical fruits, grass and citrus notes with a bright, refreshing acidity.


  • Malagousia 2020, Alpha Estate, Amyntaio

    Highly typical varietal expression showing white flowers, fresh citrus fruits over a thin herbal layer. Nicely balanced palate, with refreshing acidity and long finish.


  • Tesseris Limnes 2019, Chardonnay-Gewürztraminer, Kir-Yianni Estate, Amyntaio

    A light and refreshing white, showing ripe tropical fruit, floral notes, lively acidity and citrus finish.


  • Thema 2020, Sauvignon Blanc-Assyrtiko, Pavlidis Estate, Drama

    An extrovert wine with freshness, ripe citrus fruit, light body, vibrant acidity and lemon scented finish.


  • Elixir 2019, Gewürztraminer, Semeli Estate, Peloponnese

    Quite exotic profile offering ripe tropical fruits, powerful floral notes, medium body, nice acidity and long spicy finish.

  • Magic Mountain 2018, Sauvignon Blanc, Château Nico Lazaridi, Drama

    Nuanced and refined Sauvignon Blanc, keeping the balance between the stone and citrus fruit with the buttery and spicy nuances of the ageing in oak, with the help of fine acidity.

  • Santorini Barrel 2019, Assyrtiko, Domaine Sigalas, Santorini

    Explosive character with high intensity of citrus fruit in an oaky frame with high acidity and a long salty finish.

  • Ovilos 2020, Semillon-Assyrtiko, Biblia Chora Estate, Kavala

    An impressive white wine showing ripe tropical and crispy citrus fruits, brioche, rich body, high acidity, with a nutty and spicy finish.

  • Santorini 2019, Assyrtiko, Vassaltis Vineyards, Santorini

    Crystal clear Assyrtico from Santorini, filled with fresh citrus fruits, high flinty acidity, big body and a long saline finish.

  • D’ Alamel 2018, Chardonnay, Casa Lapostolle, Chile

    An easy and very pleasant Chardonnay from Chile, with ripe tropical fruit and pear notes, refreshing acidity and herbal finish.

  • Dr L Riesling Dry 2018, Weingut Dr. Loosen, Germany

    This is a playful Riesling from the Mosel showing light body, fresh citrus and tropical fruits, with high acidity and a rather sweet finish.

  • Sauvignon Blanc 2019, Villa Maria, Marlborough, New Zealand

    Refreshing Sauvignon Blanc with light body and high acidity, filled with ripe tropical fruit next to lemon and grapefruit and a long grassy finish.

  • Sauvignon Blanc 2020, Claudy Bay Estate, Marlborough, New Zealand

    Cloudy Bay is one of the top wineries in New Zealand and its Sauvignon Blanc is a textbook expression with an abundance of gooseberry, passion fruit, mango and melon.


  • Sinopsis 2020, Agioritiko-Syrah, Semeli Estate, Peloponnese

    A rose wine showing violets and cranberries in the nose, nice texture and acidity in the palate with a few tannins.


  • Tris Kores 2020, Agiorgitiko, Gotsis Wines, Messinia

    High intensity in the nose with ripe red cherry, strawberry and pomegranate, fresh palate, vibrant acidity and long finish.


  • L’ Esprit du Lac 2020, Xinonavro, Kir-Yianni Estate, Amyntaio

    Light pink colour with a nose showing white flowers, ripe peach and vanilla, balanced palate, soft tannins, nice acidity and a long red fruit finish.


  • Xinomavro 2020, Alpha Estate, Amyntaio

    A refreshing rose wine with ripe white peach next to strawberry and red currant, medium acidity, smooth palate with some tannins the finish.

  • Peplo 2020, Syrah-Agiorgitiko-Mavrofilero, Domaine Skouras, Peloponnese

    Highly aromatic wine with great depth of flavour and rich body, floral notes next to peach and vanilla, nice vibrant acidity and long finish.


  • Kedros 2020, Liatiko, Lyrarakis Winery, Crete

    A light and refreshing rose wine with fresh citrus next to the red cherry, herbal notes, nice acidity and a few tannins in the finish.


  • Idylle 2020, Grenache-Syrah-Agiorgitiko, La Tour Melas, Fthiotida

    Slightly spicy rose wine showing ripe white fruit, vanilla and floral notes, high acidity, impressive texture and length.


  • La Vielle Ferme Rosè 2020, Carignan-Cinsault-Grenache-Syrah, Famille Perrin, Valle du Rhône, France

    Very pleasant and light rose with the from Rhône valley, showing red cherry, strawberry and floral notes, nice smooth texture and refreshing acidity.


  • Côte & Mer 2020, Grenache-Cinsaut-Rolle. Château des Bormettes, Côtes de Provence, France

    A typical example of Provence rose wines, light and refreshing, with bright acidity, white peach, strawberry and potpourri notes.


  • Whispering Angel 2020, Grenache-Rolle-Cinsault-Syrah-Tibouren, Château D’ Esclans, Côtes de Provence, France

    A quintessential Provence rose with ripe peach, mango and floral notes, the palate shows riper profile with citrus flavored acidity and long finish.


  • Synopsis 2019, Agiorgitiko-Merlot, Semeli Estate, Peloponnese

    An easy drinking wine with red fruit notes, smooth tannins, medium body and acidity.


  • Armonia Ghs 2018, Vradiano-Merlot, Avantis Wines, Sterea Ellada

    Fresh red and black fruit notes next to sweet spices, medium body, nice tannins and fruit finish.


  • Avantis 2018, Grenache Rouge-Syrah, Avantis Wines, Sterea Ellada

    Vibrant red wine with ripe cherries, vanilla and spices, soft tannins and long finish.


  • Mikri Arkouda 2018, Merlot-Syrah, Domaine Zafeirakis, Tyrnavos

    Elegant wine with ripe red fruits mixed with spices, smooth tannins, mineral notes and balancing acidity.


  • Blue Tractor 2018, Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot-Syrah, Kir-Yianni Estate, Amyntaio

    Fresh and playful profile, with ripe black fruit, medium body and acidity and nice tannins.


  • Paragka 2018, Xinomavro-Merlot-Syrah, Kir-Yianni Estate, Amyntaio

    The wine shows a nice combination of ripe black fruit and vegetal notes, medium body, nice tannins and a slightly spicy finish.


  • Apocalypsis 2014, Agiorgitiko, Barafakas Winery, Nemea

    Purple colour and red fruits next to vanilla, spices and tobacco notes.


  • Syrah 2017, Avantis Wines, Sterea Ellada

    A fine Syrah with ripe black fruit, spicy notes of black pepper, firm tannins and a long finish.


  • Syrah Single Vineyard Turtles 2016, Estate Alpha, Amyntaio

    This is an expressive Syrah with ripe red fruit and earthy notes, medium body, nice acidity and soft tannins.

  • Xinomavro Single Vineyard Hedgehog 2017, Alpha Estate, Amyntaio

    A different expression of Xinomavro by the cold region of Aymyntaion, with fresh red fruit in a peppery frame, high acidity, firm tannins and a dry finish.


  • Young Tsampournakos 2019, Estate Voyatzi, Velvento

    A fresh red wine with smooth tannins, ripe red fruit and green pepper notes.


  • Naoussa 2018, Xinomavro, Domaine Dalamaras, Naoussa

    This is an elegant version of Naoussa from the new generation, overflowed with pure red fruit, firm tannins, bright acidity and a long spicy finish.

  • Goumenissa 2017, Xinomavro – Negkoska,Chatzivariti Winery, Goumenissa

    Typical expression of the Goumenissa region with clean red fruit, earthy and spicy notes, bold tannins, nice acidity and long gamey finish.


  • Dio Elies 2017, Syrah-Merlot, Kir-Yianni Estate, Naoussa

    Powerful wine showing ripe red and black fruits, sweet spices, depth and structure in the palate, with long finish.


  • Avaton 2017, Limnio-Mavroudi-Mavrotragano, Gerovassiliou Estate, Epanomi

    A structured red with a lot of ripe black fruit notes, black pepper and earthy notes, with a rich body, firm tannins and long savory finish.


  • Xinomavro Réserve Vieilles Vignes Single Vineyard Barba Yannis 2016, Estate Alpha, Amyntaio

    A fine Xinomavro with depth and complexity from old vineyards, showing spices, dried fruit and tomato, balancing acidity but also elegant tannins and long finish.

  • Alpha Estate 2017, Syrah-Xinomavro-Merlot, Estate Alpha, Amyntaio

    This is a big rich wine with red and black fruits, spices and oak, a bold tannic structure and long finish.

  • Blue Fox 2017, Merlot-Syrah-Xinomavro-Cabernet Sauvignon-Cabernet Franc-Petit Verdot-Malbec, Naoussa

    A fine red wine showing an abundance of sweet spices, vanilla and chocolate notes, tobacco and ripe red cherries, powerful tannins and long finish.


  • Mavrotragano 2018, Domaine Sigalas, Santorini

    A powerful red wine kissed by the sun of Santorini showing great depth of flavour, concentrated red fruit, sweet spices, rich in tannins with high acidity and long finish.


  • Oxford Landing 2016, Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz, Yalumba Family Vignerons, Barossa, Australia

    Typical Australian red blend, showing rich body with bold flavours, combining abundant ripe black fruit with eucalyptus, the sweet and spicy notes of ageing in oak and rich tannins.


  • Doña Silvina Malbec Fresh 2018, Bodegas Krontiras, Mendoza, Argentina

    This is an entirely different expression of Malbec showing fresh red fruit and floral notes, light body, low in tannins with a bright acidity.


  • Malbec Reserva 2018, Terrazas de los Antes, Mendoza, Argentina

    One of the most famous wineries in Argentina, this Malbec Reserva is produced at 1070m altitude and shows fresh black fruit with sweet spices, silky tannins and long finish.


  • Anthemis 2012, Muscat à Petits Grains, E.O.S.Samou, Samos

    This is a sweet wine aged in oak for 5 years resulting in a deep colour, with high intensity of honey, roasted nuts, dried white fruits and chocolate.

  • Muscat of Rio-Patra 2016, Muscat à Petits Grans, Parparoussis Winery, Patra

    Sundried grapes gives this light bodied sweet wine, filled with notes of raisins, apricot and honey, with balancing acidity and medium fresh finish.


  • Vinsanto 4 years old 2012, Assyrtiko-Athiri-Aidani, Estate Argyros, Santorini

    Sundried grapes and ageing for 4 years gives this ethereal elixir, showing an explosive combination of roasted nuts, chocolate, coffee, honey, orange and fig with a powerful acidity bringing balance and a long finish.


  • Ruby Port, Touriga Nacional-T. Franca, Niepoort Vinhos, Douro, Portugal

    This is the youngest and the juicier style of the Port range, showing light body, warmth from the alcohol, nice sour cherry and black currant notes next to the spicy cinnamon and the earthy chocolate ones.